zen basalt stones and bamboo

A hot stone massage is a wonderful way to ease tense, aching muscles and is extremely relaxing.  It is a deep massage that uses soothing oils and warm basalt stones to relax the muscles.  It will bring an intense feel good factor leaving you feeling pampered and special.

The treatment involves placing warm, oiled stones on acupressure points around the body.  A variety of massages strokes and techniques using the stones and hands are incorporated into the treatment.  The muscles quickly relax due to the heat from the stones.

The combination of hot and cold stones encourages the body to detox and heal through increasing the lymphatic flow and encouraging the body to remove waste products.

Hot Stone Massage is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing therapeutic massage.  It is designed to work on muscle tension to the deepest level.

Please note. We require one hour notice prior the booking to get the stones ready for the treatment.